Orthopaedica Belgica 2021 (1)

Orthopaedica Belgica 2021 (1)

Waar? Online

Wanneer? 23.04.2021

The theme of the two days is: ‘Orthopedic Surgery: The game changers: yesterday, today and tomorrow

On 24 April we will discuss the past and the future. Professor Jean-Jacques Rombouts will tell us about the major stages in orthopaedics over the past century. Belgium holds a significant place there! Afterwards, we will approach the future of orthopaedics through the lens of spine surgery, but with novelties that will interest everyone and will certainly find applications in all areas of orthopaedic surgery. Due to the need for a virtual meeting, we are fortunate to be able to bring together several internationally renowned speakers, who will share their vision of the future with us through their personal experience.

On 27 November, an in-person congress finally, representatives of our various specialized committees as well as foreign speakers, will share with us the current evidence in the management of pathologies that are certainly common for specialists in the subject, but for which practitioners. specialists in other fields may no longer have completely up-to-date knowledge! How many times have yesterday’s truths become today’s heresies … and vice versa! Certainly we will all come out of this day with up-to-date knowledge and with a superb bound volume in which we can go back in time to the beginnings of our 100-year-old Company, practically to the day!

Accreditation will be requested, including for ethics points!